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Call Centre Recruitment Specialization

What we offer Employers

If you are looking to fill a telephone sales operative role- whether temporary, contract or permanent basis-JFDI recruitment specializes in highly motivated Call Centre Sales Staff.
At the head of our department is Jamie Zambartas who since the age of 18 has worked in the Call Centre environment culminating in a career spanning 7 years and a variety of roles from Solar Panel, PPI to IVA, Jamie has come to understand the needs and demands of a highly motivated, sales orientated culture of the modern-day call centre.
With first hand knowledge and a wealth of experience, Jamie will be able to quickly ascertain the needs and wants from the point of view of you the owner and will be able to match those needs with highly motivated experienced sales-oriented candidates, creating the perfect fit for both employer and worker.

JFDI has operated in recruitment for over 20 years and remains both independent and owner managed. This allows us to provide the honest and effective service that has become our hallmark and which our clients consistently recognise in their testimonials.
Whether you are looking for highly motivated sales staff or admin support we can help. Our aim is to provide you with a capable member of staff as quickly as possible and with our unique methods we are confident we can deliver to you that superstar sales person on a consistent basis.

We do far more than just look for staff on Job Boards!!

All charges you pay will be agreed in advance and we offer a number of different solutions depending on your needs and requirements

As a company we provide a payroll facility whereby we take on responsibility for the statutory requirement involved in employing temporary staff from an agency. Speak to one of our consultants now to see what we can do for your business.

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Candidates Selection

JFDI has set up this special division to find career call centre staff who enjoy the culture and environment of a highly sales orientated telephone call centre
We aim to find you the perfect role and help you prepare to launch your career or place you with roles that are equal to your aims and expectations.

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Telephone Sales staff are often in the highest 5% of top earners in the UK!

With Jamie as head of this department he will be able to identify your needs and match you with the perfect role. Based on his extensive knowledge working with in the industry now from the other side he can offer great advice and support to enhance your role landing chances and properly identify the perfect role for you.

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